Sunday, June 21, 2009

Well, Well, Well! Yet Another Food Blog.

I know what you are thinking. "Why is there another food blog on the internet?"

A few months ago I caught a bug. A baking bug. I used to bake all the time as a teen. I made cakes from scratch for my friends, I cooked my own lunches and dinners at home, and I was pretty good at it. In my early 20's I just stopped doing that. I started eating to much junk food, becoming sedentary, and popping out kids. I lost that love of food my teenage years had cultivated. Luckily, my Fiance had a love of cooking and went to culinary school. He does most of the cooking in the house because he loves it so much. When our roommate (here by known as La Langue Fourchue) moved in, he began teaching me baking techniques as he is a trained baker (how handy!).

So now I bake. A lot. But I noticed that I was putting on weight. Again. And a lot of it. I also noticed that certain foods interact with my fibro and I needed to make several changes to my diet. That's been a hard road to travel, cutting out some of my favorite foods (ahem potatoes).

So I have a goal. To become a better cook and baker at home, as well as learning to indulge in healthier foods (as well as my favorites), learning new baking/cooking techniques, and trying new foods. One of the challenges I have is finding foods locally that I can use in different ways. I live in the desert and in a small town, so sometimes when I want to make something, I'm S.O.L. But I'm going to work on making recipes that many people can make, even if they live in the middle of nowhere.

So. I would like to meet other bloggers who bake and cook. Cook anything! Vegetarian, vegan, "ethnic", drinks, high carb, low carb, ect.


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